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What is a traceroute, and how do I perform one to my IP address?
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Traceroute is a diagnostic command for displaying possible routes (paths) and measuring transit delays of packets across the internet.  Here are several ways to perform a traceroute. The method you use will depend on your operating system.


  • Windows
    • For Windows 7 and older:
      • Open Start menu -> Click Run -> Type cmd and press Enter.
      • In the command prompt type tracert and press Enter.
    • For Windows 8.x and newer:
      • Use the search window, type command prompt and click on the Command Prompt result.
      • Type tracert and press Enter.
      • This will provide traceroute results from your computer to
    • How to copy the traceroute data:
      • To copy text such as traceroute and ping results from an MS-DOS prompt, you should right-click on the MS-DOS window and choose Mark.
      • Then select the text with your mouse and right-click or press Enter on your keyboard to save the marked text to your clipboard.  Then you can paste it by pressing Ctrl+V.
  • Mac OS
    • Open a Terminal, located under Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal and type: and press Enter.
  • Linux
    • ​​​​​​​Open a Terminal window and type: traceroute -I​​​​​​​


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