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What can I do to speed up my downloads?
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If you are not on a Pure XXL plan, we suggest considering a plan upgrade.
We also have a few tips on how you can improve the download speed:
• Power cycle your modem/router (turn off, and on again after a short time)
• Antivirus and/or firewall software may slow down processing speeds; temporarily turn these off.
• Make sure you are using all available connections or threads within your package.
• Test your internet connection at Is your internet speed as you expected?
• Does your news client automatically process repairs and unpacking in the background? If so, try turning these functions off.
• Check for other programs or processes on your computer that might be using too much computing power, or are using too much of your internet connection.
• Check if anyone else using your internet connection?
• Is your account being used by others? You may consider changing your password.
• Is your internet provider experiencing maintenance or downtime?

Also note that the use of VPNs may slow down the speed due to the encryption overhead.

Additionally, you can try using a different port. The following ports are available for 119, 80, 563(SSL), and 443(SSL).


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